yogitoes Naked Matters photoshoot

Naked Matters is an expression of yogitoes’ mission to create the highest quality, most sustainable yoga products, while giving our best effort to do business in a sustainable, mindful way.  In this photoshoot, photographer Jasper Johal captures yoga teachers Dice Iida-Klein and Brock Cahill as they reveal yogitoes rNaked Yoga Mat and the Prism rSkidless Yoga Towel.  These are part of the rYoga Collection, yogitoes’ complete line of eco yoga mats, yoga towels and yoga accessories made from recycled materials that would otherwise occupy landfills or pollute our oceans.

yogitoes supports Kurmalliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving sea turtles and their ecosystems, founded by Brock Cahill.  Says Brock, “This is a great campaign to lift consciousness towards recycling, repurposing and reusing materials and a good portion of proceeds from this project is going directly to saving turtles and saving the ocean.

For more info about Kurmalliance Turtle Tribe, visit http://www.kurmalliance.org.

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